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Dear Shido and Yayoi

First of all this sounds like a really good community idea. Second of all I actually have something I need advice on. So here goes, a Dear Shido and Yayoi letter.

Dear Shido and Yayoi,
My name's Emma. I'm 16 years old and in the tenth grade. Lately, I have been feeling quite worthless because the guy I was dating steadily dumped me on Valentine's Day. I know that day's just a stupid commercial holiday, but no matter what, that still hurts. It hasn't been very long since this happened, and we went out for a year and 3 months, so I have a feeling that it could be a long time before this blows over. I still see the guy at school sometimes and my heart aches. I want him back, but I've been put in my place. For solace and nurturing, I turned to those I could trust all along--my female friends. At first I got a lot of disbelief from them and threats of physical harm to him, but now when I talk about the after effects, I feel like they ignore me or tune me out. I feel that only because I don't want to talk about going to the mall because I don't like to go to the mall (if you saw what they call a "mall" in my neighborhood, you would see why) or whatever new guy they crush on (I don't want them to get rejected, I want to be the one that is suffering). These are the girls that I thought I could talk to about anything I fancied. Now that I have something to talk about, it seems they're going back on that promise. I don't know what to do. I'm so confused. I know I have one or two core friends, but there are other girls that I like to spend time with, too, and they're the ones who are being peculiar now. What can I do to help ease the pain? (Please don't suggest ice cream. I tried it already. Now I've got some pounds that I could stand to lose.)
Thanks in advance for your advice.
-Heartbroken in Atlanta (I've always wanted to use one of those names)
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